About Cak'n


My name is Tamieka Morton and I've always been obsessed with lip gloss, lip balm, and for some years now lipstick.I truly admire looks from MUA's or women who own their own lip brands and the creativity one can create on their lips.So I thought to myself, why not do something I admire and start my own business.I'm a full time cake decorator, therefore, why not take a part of me and use the name CAK'N for my line. Just as I love Cak'n up my cakes, I love Cak'n up my lips a tad bit more, with vibrant colors, glitter, and also these handmade lippies and I hope you all would love and wear them just as much as I do. 

Cak'n Lippies


Part lipstick/Part Lipgloss/Part Lipstain 

All products are Vegan, Cruelty, Carmine, & Paraben free 

All jars are 10 grams 

All tubes are 8ml with a doe foot applicator


10G Bottles of AWESOMENESS!!!